Like many artists, Bekuh made her mark in the music industry by first becoming a songwriter writing new music for Warner Chappell in Los Angeles, California.  Signed to Warner Chappell music at the young age of 18, she not only does songwriting but is on her...

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  Bekuh BOOM is a professional songwriter, signed to Warner Chappell Music in Los Angeles, CA.  She was born (Rebecca Johnson) and has been writing songs since age 11.  She began making videos and sharing her singing...

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Bekuh BOOM is not only a talented songwriter, but she is also an amazing rapper.  She is very excited to show the world her unique sound and has been busy in the studio putting an...

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Christopher feat. Bekuh BOOM have jointly written and recorded a SMASH  single! "I WON'T LET YOU DOWN" "Whatcha Workin With" - Written and recorded by Bekuh BOOM "TOO GOOD" - written and recorded by Bekuh BOOM...

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Bekuh BOOM co- writes BlackPinks new single “DDU-DU-DDU-DU” with Teddy

#1 ALLKILL! – Korea – #1 U.S. KPOP ITUNES CHARTS – #1. Trending YOUTUBE

Bekuh co-writes the smash hit “ISLAND” for Winner reaching the coveted #1 spot on the U.S. KPOP charts!

New Music
BOOMBAYAH – cowritten by Bekuh  BOOM, TEDDY PARKS


BOOMBAYAH reaches over 300 Million Views on YOUTUBE!

Whistle – Co-written by Bekuh BOOM, TEDDY

#1 Song on 10 different music charts producing a PERFECT ALL KILL





MONEY – featuring Bekuh BOOM

Bekuh BOOM teamed up with BROILER from Norway to

feature on the song Money, lyrics by Bekuh BOOM, produced by Broiler.

The song Money released a futuristic video starring super bad guy,

Danny Trejo, better known for his role as Machete.

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latest from the blog

Posted By Admin  Posted On 07-Aug-2017

Bekuh BOOM continues to bring her talent to the YG Entertainment artists landing another hit with YG artists, "WINNER."   "Island" is her latest song that soared to #1 for the kpop boy band, Winner.  This comes on the heels of BOOMBAYAH for the girl group BLACKPINK, a song she

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Winner’s “Island” song hits U.S. ITUNES #1 on the Charts
Posted By Admin  Posted On 05-Aug-2017

Winner has great success with "ISLAND" hitting the #1 position on the U.S. KPOP ITUNES music charts! Co-written by Bekuh BOOM, it's her 8th #1 hit. She continues to have great success working the YG Entertainment. Check out the music video on YouTube.

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Bekuh BOOM and Winner – New Song – Island
Posted By Admin  Posted On 01-Aug-2017

August 4,2017 at 4:00 PM Winner releases it's new song, Island, written by Bekuh BOOM, YOON, HOONY and MINO and arranged by Future Bounce, Bekuh BOOM and YOON. YG Entertainment describes WINNER’s 2nd title song ‘ISLAND’ as a song of dance hall and tropic genre with romantic sensibility. Definitely a

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Bekuh BOOM in the studio with MINO, SEUNGRI
Posted By Admin  Posted On 12-Mar-2017

Bekuh BOOM at YG Entertainment working in studio with Seungri, PK Bounce, Mino and Dee.P.

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BlackPink – BOOMBAYAH- Reaches 100 Million views on YouTube – co-written by Bekuh BOOM
Posted By Admin  Posted On 01-Feb-2017

BlackPink's breakout song BOOMBAYAH has reached 100 Million views in just 6 months. The song is co-written by Teddy Parks and Bekuh BOOM producers and songwriters for YG Entertainment. Congratulations to the YG Family on such a great success!

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Bekuh BOOM – Christmas ALL Year – Music
Posted By Admin  Posted On 28-Nov-2016

It's that time of year again and a perfect time to play Bekuh's song "Christmas All Year."  It's hard not to put this song on repeat!  Be sure to pass it on to your friends. Thank you for listening!

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Bekuh BOOM and B.I. (IKON) in the studio
Posted By Admin  Posted On 28-Nov-2016

Bekuh BOOM and B.I. from IKON have been working together at Y.G. Entertainment. Everything is always hush, hush when working on new projects so only time will tell what they have been up to.

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Bekuh BOOM – New Song on Soundcloud
Posted By Admin  Posted On 01-Oct-2016

New Song Watcha Workin With.

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BOOMBAYAH reaches 25 Million views – Bekuh BOOM
Posted By Admin  Posted On 28-Aug-2016

Congratulations to BLACKPINK, Bekuh BOOM, Teddy and YG Entertainment for the success of BOOMBAYAH.  In just 3 weeks it has reached over 25 million views on Youtube!  Also, reaching Billboards #1 on World Digital Download charts!    

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BLACKPINK Billboard World Charts – Bekuh BOOM
Posted By Admin  Posted On 18-Aug-2016

Bekuh BOOM co-writes BOOMBAYAH which tops the coveted #1 spot on Billboards World Charts along with "Whistle" placing #2 !  She continues to write #1 hit songs around the world.  This is her 3rd #1 song written for YG artists.  She also co-wrote Eyes, Nose, Lips for Taeyang and Different

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Bekuh BOOM – Wikipedia
Posted By Admin  Posted On 11-Aug-2016

Bekuh BOOM has recently been added to Wikipedia. You can learn more about her songwriting history and her song features by visiting her page. Bekuh BOOM Wikipedia.

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Posted By Admin  Posted On 10-Aug-2016

Within hours of it's release.  BLACKPINK's debut album breaks the ITUNES charts, making the #1 spot for an all girl Korean group on it's first day. BOOMBAYAH and Whistle, co-written by Bekuh BOOM and Teddy of YG Entertainment, the songs have been very well received and are both charting around

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Posted By Admin  Posted On 07-Aug-2016

On August 8, @ 8:00 P.M. YG Entertainment releases 2 singles from the new girl group, BLACKPINK!   YG  announced the first song "BOOMBAYAH" co-written by Bekuh BOOM and TEDDY, to be followed up with "WHISTLE" co-written by Bekuh BOOM and TEDDY.   Let the countdown begin! 08.08.2016.

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Bekuh BOOM – Black Pink August 8
Posted By Admin  Posted On 01-Aug-2016

Black Pink -  YG's New girl group.  Coming August 8th.

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Bekuh BOOM back In Seoul Korea
Posted By Admin  Posted On 01-Aug-2016

Hello from Seoul Korea!  Bekuh is back at work with her Korean family at YG Entertainment and The Black Label.  More news to come!  

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