Bekuh BOOM continues to bring her talent to the YG Entertainment artists landing another hit with YG artists, “WINNER.”   “Island” is her latest song that soared to #1 for the kpop boy band, Winner.  This comes on the heels of BOOMBAYAH for the girl group BLACKPINK, a song she wrote in her bedroom and as she says, “not sure Teddy Parks at YG would even like it.”   The song has been a massive success along with Whistle, another song she was a co-writer on.  She also worked with Taeyang for his hit Eyes, Nose, Lips which ended…

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Bekuh BOOM and Winner – New Song – Island

August 4,2017 at 4:00 PM Winner releases it’s new song, Island, written by Bekuh BOOM, YOON, HOONY and MINO and arranged by Future Bounce, Bekuh BOOM and YOON.

YG Entertainment describes WINNER’s 2nd title song ‘ISLAND’ as a song of dance hall and tropic genre with romantic sensibility. Definitely a fun summer time vibe, with a music video that was shot in the beautiful, tropical Hawaiian Islands.

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BLACKPINK Billboard World Charts – Bekuh BOOM

Bekuh BOOM co-writes BOOMBAYAH which tops the coveted #1 spot on Billboards World Charts along with “Whistle” placing #2 !  She continues to write #1 hit songs around the world.  This is her 3rd #1 song written for YG artists.  She also co-wrote Eyes, Nose, Lips for Taeyang and Different for Hi Suhyun all songs reaching an ALL KILL on the KPOP charts.



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