Money On ITUNES now.

Posted by Bekuh BOOM on Thursday, March 31, 2016



I must be the re-incarnation of Mr. Benjamin Franklin,
I got the thumb that’s green
But I don’t go gardening
Put my outfit on like an ATM
Lookin like cashflow and it never ends
When I get done imma do it again
I’m the weatherman I make it rain on em

Lookin’ like I robbed a bank
I look too good for goodness sake
No applause, no need to thank
Man I do this everyday
I’m a walking Forbes list
They want to endorse this
I’m like well of course bitch

I’m lookin like money,
lookin like money
Lookin like money
Lookin like money,
Twenties, fifties, hundreds

I’m looking like money, money, money….money, money, money
Sittin on cajillions
Have you met my friend Benjamon
Lookin this good betcha don’t
I’m lookin like money

I’m lookin like, money
I make it rain on em
I make it rain

Thinkin I’m Lincoln but honey this ain’t for free
I’m a Washington talkin bout paper like wooden teeth
I think I”m a money tree
If You don’t then you can leave
I mean leave
Best believe you should invest more in me

Racks on racks from my head to my toes,
I’m talking stacks on stacks when I walk out the door
Tax on tax if you really want mo
Diamonds shine, dollar sign, you know why

I’m Lookin like money
Twenties, fifties, hundreds
Sittin on cajillion’s
Have you met my friend Benjamon
Lookin this good I betcha don’t

I’m lookin like money
I’mma I’mma do it again.
I make it rain
I make it rain on em